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சிறுவர் தடுப்பு ஊசி அட்டவணை - Vaccination schedule - Siruvar thaduppu oosi attavanai

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thaduppusi, thaduppu oosi attavanai, vaccination chart for babies in tamilnadu,

Siruvar thaduppu oosi attavanai

pirappu mudhal 10 vayathuvarai, siruvargalukku thaduppu oosi matrum marundhugal alikkap pada vendiya kaala attavanai.
Pirappu mudhal 16 vayathuvarai, siruvargalukku thaduppu oosi matrum marundhugal alikkappada vendiya kaala
attavanai. idhu podhuvaana attavanai. sila kuzhandhaigalukku veru paadhippugal irunthal kaala attavanai
maarupadalaam. Mukkiyamaaga ungal kuzhandhaiyin marutthuvarin aalosanaip petru athanbadi nadakkavum.

pirandhavudan pisiji
poliyo sottu marundhu
6 vaarangal DPT - 1
poliyo sottu marundhu
hep-B - 2vathu
10 vaarangal DPT - 2
poliyo sottu marundhu
14 vaarangal DPT - 3
poliyo sottu marundhu
6-9 maathangal poliyo sottu marundhu
hep-B - 3vathu
9 maathangal meesals thaduppoosi (am'mai)
15-18 maathan kal MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

DPT - 1vathupoosdar
poliyo sottu marundhu
5 vayathuDPT - 2vathupoosdar
poliyo sottu marundhu
10 vayathutth (detthanas) - 3vathupoosdar
hep-B - poosdar
15-16 vayathutth - 4vathupoosdar


Hep-B - hepaadidis-B thaduppoosi

DPT - diptheeriyaa, detthanas, perdoosis thaduppoosi

MMR - am'mai noy thaduppoosi

detthanas poosdar - 5 varudangalukku oru murai.

Ungal kuzhandhaikku thaduppu oosi pottapin ethavathukurippidattakka maarudhal therinthal aduttha murai thaduppu oosi
podumun daakdaridam therivikkavum.
Vasadhippattaal podalaam

daipaaid thaduppu oosigal, hemopilas inplooyajaa daip-B thaduppoosi, hepaadidis-A thaduppu oosigal, verisellaa (tattam'mai)
thaduppoosi aagiyavatraiyum intiyan agaadami aap peediyaadriks sipaarisu seykirathu. itharku tagundha kaalangalai ungal kuzhandhaiyin
daakdaridam aalosikkavum.

Automatic Transaltion: 

Child Vaccination Schedule

IAP recommends at least 7 vaccines for children belonging to the high-risk category: Influenza Vaccine. Meningococcal Vaccine. Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine. Cholera Vaccine. Rabies Vaccine. Yellow Fever Vaccine. Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine IPV – Injectable Polio Vaccine. HiB – Haem.Influenza 'B' Vaccine. MMR – Measles Mumps Rubella. DPT – Diptheria/ Pertusis / Tetanus. DTaP – Diptheria / Tetanus/ Acellular Pertusis. OPV –Oral Polio Vaccine.

From birth to 10 years of age, children should be given a schedule of vaccines and drugs.
From birth until the age of 16, children of vaccines and drugs to be made in term
Table. It is a common table. Some children have different effects Timetable
Vary. Your child's doctor is important to get the advice and act upon it.

Age medicine
After birth piciji
Polio drops
Hep B
6 weeks DPT - 1
Polio drops
Hep B - 2 of the
10 weeks DPT - 2
Polio drops
14 weeks DPT - 3
Polio drops
Polio drops to 6-9 months
Hep B - 3 of the
9 months misals vaccine (measles)
15-18 months MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

DPT - 1 of the booster
Polio drops
5-year-old DPT - 2 of the booster
Polio drops
10-year-old TT (Tetanus) - 3rd Booster
Hep B - Booster
15-16 years old TT - 4 th booster


Hep B - hepatitis B vaccine

DPT - diphtheria, tetanus, vaccination pertusis

MMR - Smallpox Vaccine

Tetanus Booster - once in 5 years.

Having your child's vaccines and vaccines for the next time if you know of any significant change
Tell to your doctor before.
If you are able tie

Typhoid vaccinations, hemopilas inpluyaja Type-B vaccine, hepatitis A vaccinations, vericella (measles)
And the Indian Academy of Pediatrics recommends vaccination. The feasibility of times your child
Consult a doctor.

thaduppusi, thaduppu oosi attavanai, vaccination chart for babies in tamilnadu, baby injection list, thaduppusi,  immunization, Kulanthai maruthuvam, Kulanthai valarpu tips in tamil, vaccines for children

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